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There are two facets to the digitization of sports: data analytics tools that have everything to do with performance in sports and virtual and augmented realities that take sportswatching to new heights. YapBuzz specialises in and has extensive acquired expertise in both.


Digitization in sports makes everything measurable to an extent that not only is of great value to sportspersons themselves, but also fundamentally transforms the layman’s knowledge of how they perform. Our clients include America’s largest manufacturer and distributor of one-of-a-kind sports merchandise. YapBuzz has dealt with sports merchandise, in-house systems, and sports apps.

We are ready to take up entire aspects of a sports app – fitness, board games, you name it – and run them to perfection for you. For example, through extensive experience in the arena, YapBuzz has developed systems and methods that allow for a mind-boggling range of variegated media to fit into advertising spaces of not only varying specifications but also fluctuating availability. We draw from our projects in the past to put together a smooth show for our clients.


Royse City, TX, USA
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