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What is the point of digitization if you cannot have a bit of fun with it? At YapBuzz, our seriousness about deadlines and deliverables is complemented by the fun-and-games we put together for our clients, our repository of which will get you hooked.


YapBuzz has taken great strides when it comes to the innovation of options for entertainment, which is quite the challenge in the age we are living in. Digital entertainment is not just about the content we code, but also about the device of demand. And it is next to impossible to deliver a digitally entertaining experience without multi-party collaboration. Which is why every media and entertainment project YapBuzz takes up is more of a collaboration than a project.

This is the nature of our efforts that has been instrumental to our entertainment apps – super-sophisticated music players; management tools for variegated media files and digital assets; and a music social media app that lets musicians sign up to share their creations, get hired and payed by users, and have their music downloaded. We work our way around forms and interfaces to innovate an experience that will add unputdownable value along the business-to-business-to-consumer chain.


Royse City, TX, USA
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