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We are capable of consumer goods-centric digitization that is relevant to our clients. To capture value through the application of digital tools is YapBuzz’s forte, because we believe that consumer goods firms should not be left out of the Internet of things.


Times are such that no matter the consumer good in question, there is always a scope for digitization. No one understands this better than YapBuzz. And we have our diverse clientele that stands for a wide range of consumer goods to testify to that. Digitization is indeed a disruption, one that requires firms to rethink aspects of their design – which is where we take over. We integrate our highly customised digitization methods and systems to not only purely commercial logistics functions (sales, marketing), but also manufacturing processes (supply chain, operations).

Even if you are unsure as a consumer-goods firm as to where to start, YapBuzz has your back. We have the ingredients that turn seemingly run-of-the-mill projects into high-output scalables. For example, in the short run we would rather put together a project that looks small but has a strong foundation upon which your firm could grow, instead of something that is huge but cannot be built upon in the future. In short, we superhead for you whatever projects you assign to us – and we do it like everybody else does, just better!


Royse City, TX, USA
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