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At YapBuzz we pride ourselves on the fact that enterprise mobility, the most topical of all the digitization services on offer, is our forte. In the long-run, the point of enterprise mobility is self-sufficiency within the lifespan of a mobile device app, and what sets us apart is our endeavour towards the same.


The fact that out of 7 billion people this planet is teeming with, 6 billion are connected to each other through a mobile device, is in itself stupefying. However, YapBuzz believes that the humongous opportunities offered by such a state of affairs has not been fully taken advantage of yet. What about competitive advantage of enterprise over enterprise? What about the fact that consumers do not want to wait for what they demand? What about the implications of a workforce that is increasingly becoming mobile?

YapBuzz’s projects in enterprise mobility addresses all this, and much more. These questions occurred to us when we started out and have inspired us to put together enterprise mobility tools for our clients that are the envy of the industry. Your future is about your employee efficiency – and our enterprise mobility systems will make them react more effectively, access information more seamlessly, and demonstrate commitment and performance from anywhere in the world. In short, YapBuzz lets you do way more within the constraints in question.


Royse City, TX, USA
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